The Master Plan Project

The Master Plan Project (MPP) is an economic resiliency project of CCC that partners with local cities and its stakeholders to preparation, restoration, and sustainability to the local economy through a variety of local projects


Highlights include:

  • The City Church Project

  • J’Market City: A Public Market Development Project

  • Community Economic Empowerment Project

  • Coaching/Spiritual Advisement Program

  • Reviving the City Week



The Kingdom Cities Network

KCN is catered to those who want spiritual equipping. The Apostolic R3 Center is the training environment for those who want to impact their communities as revivalists, reformers and revolutionists.

Highlights include:

Kingdom Cities Summit Gathering -The Church is an anchor institution that is considered a "city" on a hill under the kingdom style of government. It carries insight that cities and communities can benefit from. The summit includes a host of industry experts, group discussions, life changing prayer & worship, empowerment sessions, strategic planning sessions for your local regions, relationship building opportunities (networking).

The Apostolic R3 Center (AR3C)- (pronounced as arc) is an apostolic innovation and intelligence center that focuses on training, equipping and strategizing in order to mobilize Kingdom revivalists, reformers, and revolutionaries that will impact the systems of the world. The goal of this class is to develop leaders who will establish task force groups that will make a city impact. 

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