Our cities have been burdened with various challenges on many levels.  I believe that every city has a body , soul, and spirit like a person that can have an impact on your community holistically.  The body is the outward shell of a person, the soul is the mind, will, and emotions of a person, and the spirit is your God-conscienceness.
From an urban perspective, what is the physical appearance (body) of your city like?  How is the culture emotionally, mentally, and what are the desires of the heart of a community (soul)?  What is the atmosphere (spirit) of the community; good or bad?

As a governmental leader or industry leader, you need a balance between your body, soul, and spirit in order to lead effectively in this new era.  I am an ordained minister and have developed leaders through coaching, mentorship, and advising well over 20 years.  
We need government and marketplace leaders who have a godly perspective that will bring right alignment in our communities. I would love to be your spiritual advisor.  Sign up and book a consultation with me today!
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Spiritual Advising